Hortsense Glossary

adelgidsa family of aphid-like insects that feed exclusively on conifers and typically are covered with white waxy material.
aesthetichas to do with appearance; beauty.
alkalinehaving a basic reaction, that is containing the OH- radical and turning red litmus blue when in solution.
alternatean arrangement of leaves or other parts not opposite or whorled; parts situated one at a node, as leaves on a stem; like parts succeeding each other singly with a common structure.
alternate hostone of two kinds of plants on which a parasitic insect or fungus (e.g., rust) must develop to complete its life cycle.
annualmaturing and living one season only.
antherspollen-bearing part of a stamen, borne at the top of a filament, or sessile.
anthracnosea leaf-, stem-, or fruit-spot type of disease caused by fungi that produce their asexual spores in an acervulus.
appendagessubordinate or derivative body parts.
armywormscaterpillar species closely related to cutworms. They often move in mass through crop stands while stripping plants of their foliage.
auriclesan ear-shaped lobe, generally used to describe the base of leaves or petals.
axilsthe main stem or central support of a plant.