Iris: Bulb mite

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revision date: 2023-02-07 12:00

Iris bulb mites.
Iris bulb mites
Photo by: A.L. Antonelli


Bulb mites are a typical pest of iris in Washington both in the gardens and in storage. Injured or bruised bulbs are the most susceptible to damage. Not only do mites destroy bulb tissue, but they also carry fungi and bacteria which often spur additional damage. Bulb mites are found in colonies. They are usually white with two brownish spots and measure a fraction of an inch in length (about 0.03 inch). Their oval shape and sluggish behavior can deceive the human eye into identifying them as eggs. They avoid the light, and hide under damaged or diseased tissue. Bulb mites also heavily affect hyacinths, lilies, and narcissus.

Management Options

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Chemical Management

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