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Rose: Roseslug

Rose: Roseslug categories: Flowers Ornamentals Petunia Insects Rose Rose Insects revision date: 2023-04-04 12:00 Rose slug and damagePhoto by: A.L. Antonelli Biology Rose slugs are small yellow-green larvae (about 1/4″ long) that skeletonize the upper leaf surface. Signs of feeding include dry brown blotches, where all of the leaf except the veins and the lowest […]

Petunia: Tobacco budworm

Petunia: Tobacco budworm categories: Flowers Ornamentals Petunia Petunia Insects revision date: 2023-12-02 09:17 Tobacco budworm (red form) feeding on petuniaPhoto by: S.D. Spain Biology Tobacco budworm larvae attack several ornamental flowers including petunia, rose, geranium, and nicotiana. They feed primarily on buds, petals, and developing seed pods, but will feed on shoot tips and foliage […]