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Plant NameTypeDescription 
Downy mildewSnapdragonDiseaseAffected plants show stunting and pale yellowish green foliage. Leaves curl in and droop. Leaf undersides may develop a white to purplish fungal growth. The growing point usually dies, and the plant may break off at the base. Downy mildew is caused by a fungus that is favored by cool, wet conditions and/or high humidity. Spores are produced in abundance on infected tissue. Seed transmission may occur, but remains as speculation only.
RustSnapdragonDiseaseRust is caused by a fungus that is spread by water or on clothes and in diseased cuttings. It is not carried in seed but seeds can be contaminated by the fungus on the outside. Upper leaf surfaces have diffuse pale or yellow spots. Under the leaf are concentric rings of chocolate-brown pustules. Pustules are on stems and flowers also. The infected plant may appear stunted and dry.