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Caption: Photinia physiological leaf spot
Photo by: R.S. Byther
Photinia : Physiological leaf spot
(revision date: 4/23/2014)

Physiological leaf spot occurs on Photinia in western Washington. The symptoms resemble those of early fungal leaf spot infections. Small red to purple spots appear on the leaves, but do not develop the dark centers characteristic of fungal leaf spot infections. This problem is more common than fungal leaf spot. It causes little damage to plants, although some leaf drop may occur. While the cause of this problem is unknown, leaf spotting appears to be more severe on plants in low-lying or shady areas. Cold temperatures appear to be involved.
Management Options

Non-Chemical Management
  • Plant in full sun.
  • Do not plant in low-lying areas where cold air settles.
  • Space plantings and prune to provide good air circulation in the canopy.
  • Provide proper culture for plants. Healthy plants are less likely to be affected and can recover from injury more quickly.
Select non-chemical management options as your first choice!

Chemical Management

None recommended


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Caption: Photinia physiological leaf spot
Photo by: R.S. Byther