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Plant NameTypeDescription 
AphidsBambooInsectAphids on bamboo are yellowish to light green insects with pear-shaped bodies. They typically feed in large clusters on the underside of leaves and may produce large amounts of honeydew. The shiny, sticky honeydew can become covered with a growth of black sooty mold. Bamboo plants heavily infested with aphids may show yellowing, distorted or dead foliage and stunted shoots.
Bamboo spider miteBambooInsectThe bamboo spider mite is a tiny, eight-legged mite that feeds on the underside of leaves. The mites typically produce flat sheets of fine webbing. Mite feeding results in yellow to brownish stippling (tiny dots) on the leaves. Heavy spider mite infestations can reduce plant growth. Infestations are often worse during dry, dusty conditions.