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Caption: Peach x-disease on leaves
Photo by: Unknown
Peach : X-disease
(revision date: 5/20/2014)

X-disease of peaches is caused by a mycoplasma-like organism (MLO). The MLO is transmitted by leafhoppers. Symptoms of infection typically appear in the summer. Leaves exhibit irregular yellow spotting. Leaves roll and the spots die and drop out, giving leaves a tattered appearance (holes caused by Coryneum blight are more regularly circular). Infected trees are subject to early leaf drop, and produce less fruit and fruit of inferior quality, while the whole tree declines gradually. X-disease spreads throughout the tree over the course of a few years and may kill the tree. Cherry is also a host of X-disease.
Management Options

Non-Chemical Management
  • Control leafhoppers, which transmit the disease to healthy plants.
  • Remove infected hosts in the area, particularly wild and cultivated cherries.
  • Remove wild chokecherry in the vicinity.
  • Remove and destroy infected trees.
Select non-chemical management options as your first choice!

Chemical Management

None recommended


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Caption: Peach x-disease on leaves
Photo by: Unknown