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Caption: Filbert bud mite damage
Photo by: R.S. Byther
Filbert : Filbert bud mite
(revision date: 5/20/2014)

Filbert bud mites are tiny eriophyid mites which feed in the leaf and flower buds. The mites are yellowish and sausage-shaped and are difficult to see with the unaided eye. Mite feeding causes the buds to thicken and enlarge, resulting in a condition called "big bud". The swollen, infested buds fail to grow normally and do not produce fruit. The buds turn dark reddish-brown as they mature.
Management Options

Non-Chemical Management
  • Plant "tight-budded" varieties such as 'Barcelona', which are less susceptible to bud mite attack. Loose-budded varieties such as 'Daviana' and 'Royal' are more susceptible.
Select non-chemical management options as your first choice!

Chemical Management

None recommended


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Caption: Filbert bud mite damage
Photo by: R.S. Byther
Caption: Filbert bud mites
Photo by: R.S. Byther