Help on Plant, Pest or Symptom Search

Always click “GO” to complete search.
Find a specific plant, disease, or insect, or to find a specific disease or insect on a plant. Enter plant name, pest name, or symptom in appropriate search bar.

For example, a few of the trees in my yard have discolored leaves. Enter “discoloration” under symptom. Twenty-five fact sheets containing “discoloration” as a symptom appear. Click on the desired link under “Problem (factsheet).”

Note: If ‘No records found for this search’ appears at bottom of page, try entering part of the plant name.

For example, search for “Douglas fir” under plant name. However, “Douglasfir” gives no results. “Douglas fir,” “Douglas,” “Doug,” or “fir” bring up all fact sheets on Douglas fir.

For example, “Yellowjackets” is a pest name. However, “yellow jacket” gives no results. “Yellow,” “jacket” or “yellowjacket” bring up “yellowjackets.”